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Our Team

Stand Up Paddling Instructors

Stand Up Surfing is a family-owned and run business with three generations of beach bums involved. The Fisher family has been involved in swimming, surfing and lifesaving since the 1920’s at Cottesloe Beach. The Cuff family have been involved in surfing and surf lifesaving since the 1950’s in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. The Fisher family has a long association with the Gnarabup location since the 1950’s and have been living in the region for the last 20 years. Check out all the old beach and SUP photos from the family historical records for the last 100 years.

With extensive background in SUP instruction, life-saving, and local knowledge, you are in good hands with the instructors at Stand Up Surfing.

Our Instructors

Frances Cheffins

Frances is our water dancer and has been paddling SUP and dancing for several years. With a lovely smile and great enthusiasm, she can show the way.

Teal Cuff

Teal is the youngest of the twins and grew up with her sister stand up paddling, surf life saving, swimming and gymnastics. Teal is training to be a forensic investigator so she will be watching closely to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

Sienna Cuff

Sienna is the oldest of the cuff twins. They grew up as identical twins and their Dad still mixes them up. Sienna grew up in surf life saving, standup paddling, swimming and gymnastics. Sienna loves teaching people and is training to be a teacher.

Jake Fisher

Jake is the most gregarious of our team and loves a chat. He has grown up Supping and loves SUP surfing having surfed around Australia and South Africa. He currently works as an abalone diver so has lots of sealife stories. Just ask him and you wont regret it.

Perran Fisher

Perran is named after Perranporth Beach in England. Perran always brings a different perspective to SUP board paddling and thinks his mum and dad are a bit over the top when it comes to SUP paddling. He is currently studying for a Business Information Degree.

Astrid Lillend

Astrid is a passionate Estonian stand up paddle boarder and is an adopted SUP sister into the family. She loves sharing her passion for stand up paddling. Astrid can get you hooked in no time on a fitter, more fun, more adventurous, and happier lifestyle. Through stand up paddling, Astrid has found herself happier, more confident, and full of life.

Kirra-Jay Fisher

Kirra-Jay is named after the two best right-hand breaks in the world – Kirra Point, Australia, and J Bay, South Africa. He is a third generation surfer from both sides of the family. Like his mum, he is a surf nerd and loves his computing combined with a passion for surfing. He has just graduated from UWA with a Computer Science – Accounting degree. He currently works as a professional lifeguard with SLSWA.

Peter Cuff

Peter was one of the original surf pioneers from the 1950s in East London in South Africa. Pete the recycled teenager is as passionate about SUPping as any 10-year-old grommet. Peter has been riding the original ancestor of the SUP, the crocker ski, since the 1950s and claims to have conceived all his children on material from one of his original SUPs. This may be true as all his children are as passionate about SUP as he his.

Craig Fisher

Craig has been associated with surfing, surf life-saving competition, and life-guarding throughout the world for the last 45 years. He has spent his life immersed in water and would love to share his passion with you. His extensive knowledge of SUP and surf life-saving is shown in his ASI profile.